Women like him in college because he’s a pretty bad boy and seems to have confidence in him, unlike the other guys (we’ve all been there in college). However in high school or in college, things change because other guys have gained confidence in them, YOU have gained confidence in yourself. In the end he comes off as the big fool who has nothing better to do than torment the little ones and who is missing out on everything he does. This kind of guy is unattractive because no one is masochistic enough to go see a guy who only enjoys seeing people in trouble.Read More →

Serious me, I dream that My guy makes me small gestures, like me I do. But never anything to give, always to complain, to have real fits of jealousy for nothing. Serious guys, if there are romantics going through here, please, but then please, don’t change. There are still girls who dream of finding the ideal ok man. It’s rather the sickly jealous, the incomprehensive, the macho and the idiots that we don’t like !! Thank you this com gives hope, this article is abominable so much it pushes people to be formatted. What’s your deal with guys who love to play video games? It’sRead More →

He said he was nervous about repeating the role on Broadway because he considered American audiences to be more perceptive than those in London. Radcliffe’s performance was nominated for a Drama Desk Awards27. In 2011, he made his Broadway debut as J Pierrepont Finch in the musical from How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying28. The actor and the production both received favorable reviews. USA Today states: “Radcliffe ultimately succeeds not in eclipsing the other cast members, but in working conscientiously in harmony with them.” Daniel has received numerous nominations and the production wins nine Tony Award nominations30. His first big project after theRead More →

Once the sales contract was signed, she ignored me and tried to take the car back. I was Under his influence, she was magnificent, a Dream Body. I learned later, that she had several fixed partners when traveling, with whom she had unprotected sex. Whenever I was in doubt or wanted to leave, she would tell me that she was Pregnant. Why was I not suspicious? I had just lost my wife, losing my bearings. She earned 10,000Eur per month, from a responsible job. Her behavior was visibly the same from her job, since she was fired several times from her positions after 2 orRead More →

l tries to get her to understand her feelings from time to time and indirectly. Sophie thanks him for his attentions, for his gifts. She is happy to have him in her life because she feels valued, important and beautiful. She must suspect that Sergio has other intentions towards her, but prefers not to broach the subject because this relationship suits him as it is. Which is not the case for Sergio. If you are in the case of the one who is attracted to someone who refuses you, it is best to be aware that sometimes, just by wanting to please, the other willRead More →

EL CALLS. I just told him don’t you want to start over; he does not answer for the moment; and there is 6 DAYS. He sent me an SMS to tell me that he was alone like me; and that through his job ; there is no woman’s pad; I am lost; what should I think; must I have hope; a little hope; I love him and I know that he is the one I am waiting for. @frederique: hello. I’ve read your story carefully and notice that you say you have some hope. what makes you think he’ll come back to you? do youRead More →

Ladies, after reading several articles, recent studies, and increased observation of what is happening on dating apps, we need to talk! I have to tell you about male / female meetings and tell you about a terrible observation. But be careful, my observation is not a generality and is not intended to hurt anyone, on the contrary. But I felt I was helping … intelligent, cultivated, refined, educated women because yes ladies, you need help! For a woman, venturing into the world of cruising these days is like going on an expedition in the arctic tundra: it’s a cold world, it feels lonely and thereRead More →