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Law 42/1999, of November 25, on the Civil Guard Corps Personnel Regime, is amended as follows:

“2. By regulation, the composition, incompatibilities and operating rules of the evaluation bodies will be determined, adapting whenever possible to the principle of balanced composition in the terms defined in the Organic Law for the effective equality of women and men. In any case, they will be made up of personnel from the Civil Guard Corps of greater employment or seniority than those evaluated. “

«6. Women will be given special protection in situations of pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum to meet the conditions for promotion to all jobs in the Civil Guard Corps. “

«During the pregnancy period and after an optional report, the Civil Guard woman may be assigned an organic position or role other than the one she was occupying, appropriate to the circumstances of her state. In the cases of childbirth or adoption, you will have the right to the corresponding maternity and paternity leave, in accordance with current legislation for personnel at the service of public administrations. The application of these assumptions will not imply loss of destination. “

Four. New wording is given to article 83.1 e), which is worded as follows:

«E) They request it to attend to the care of the children or in case of foster care, both pre-adoptive, permanent or simple, in accordance with the Civil Code or the civil laws of the Autonomous Communities that regulate it, provided that its duration is not less than one year, even if they are provisional, for minors up to six years of age, or for minors who are over six years of age in the case of disabled minors or who, due to their circumstances and personal experiences or because they come from abroad, have special difficulties of social and family insertion duly accredited by the competent social services.

Those who request it to take charge of the direct care of a relative, up to the second degree of consanguinity or affinity, who, due to age, accident or illness, cannot be used, will also have the right to a period of leave of no more than one year. by himself, and that he does not carry out paid activity.

These rights may not be exercised simultaneously by two or more civil guards in relation to the same cause. “

New wording is given to section 10 of article 34 of Law 26/1984, of July 19, General for the Defense of Consumers and Users, passing its current content to constitute a new section 11:


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