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At the moment I also have contact with a soldier who has lost his wife and child. 46 years old, 1.85 and very handsome.

Felt the same way. do you have a picture? He wanted 700 euros for a ticket. allegedly he is retiring and has to go where he was stationed. I paid nothing and broke off contact. I also received a message from the person stationed in Hamburg. they must think we’re totally stupid.

Hello and good afternoon. By chance I came across this page and just registered because I want to warn all women about the Nigeria Connection. I also got to know an alleged soldier at friendscout24, stationed in Afghanistan, high-ranking position and he too wanted to abuse my good faith. The whole thing turned out to be very unpleasant when the guy noticed that I had found out about him. He also officially used the photos of a real person who, in real life, is the security advisor to American President Obama. Unfortunately, such photos can be copied on the Internet.

In any case, I am in contact with the State Criminal Police Office in Berlin and I very much hope that I got out of this matter safely.

What I am writing here is really serious and I can only warn every woman not to fall for “love e-mails” in bad German!

Unfortunately, this happened to me, although I am always so careful. But these guys use terms like honor, loyalty, honesty and find words that any woman who feels lonely will like.

So, girls, please hands off and don’t give out a phone number or real address! Not even if a representative from the UN is supposed to come into the house !!!!

Hello, unfortunately I fell for the same one too. He must have sent you pictures too. He wanted € 18,000. I reported him to Finja. Today I look like that, near Stuttgart, there he is back … with a different picture, but I recognized him immediately.

hello, I didn’t do this, but a similar one and as a layman would like to know how to read out an email header and then analyze it, can you help me … because I’m currently playing sherlock u. do you know how to find out who is really hiding behind a photo ….. I would be really happy if you can help me there …… lg E.

At Sherlorck, coming to us is often preprogrammed. Graphics connoisseurs get their money’s worth here. In contrast, the version for the C16 is riddled with all sorts of errors: No wonder! The program was written entirely in Basic and is therefore extremely slow!

The audio commentary function is mentioned here, but it does not appear in the finished product at all.

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