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So my social experiences after all this long time, experiences in talking to women or girls: across the board, the worst was so far in BADOO and also at FINYA: Most women do not even respond to the most polite and pleasant comments of the most neutral kind Not really interested texts. And I know how to behave, god knows! On the other hand, it is no longer astonishingly contradictory that almost all women over their mid-20s like to pretend they are very, very self-confident and independent, even brave. The style of the text and language is almost always the same: “Here I am, a self-confident and intelligent woman, in my mid-30s. TO the men here:” … don’t hesitate to write to me, I don’t bite ” Read 1000000000000000 times. However: the bolder and apparently bolder the self-descriptions, laugh, the more passive the individual woman behind it, if not even cowardly!

If I had only experienced something like that once, or if I had, two or three times: Well then, sponge over it, you get away with it. But the allegedly courageous but TOO BIG FLAP seems to me to be the essential trait.

Well, and of all the tidbits, the fakes, putting in photos of beauties, sometimes not even talking ‘has gotten worse in the last 7 to eight years. Experienced eyes catch this immediately.

What I find most peculiar is that the old wives’ tale is spread over and over again in print media from BILD to ZEIT or SPIEGEL, or even more so in TV magazines, for example recently again on SAT 1, “… nowadays they are learning each other Know couples through the net ..: “. COME: -): -): can one of “my” readers remember that finally such a PAIR was ever shown live? In any case, I can’t remember anything like that despite the good information :-): -) !!! Well and YOU about: -): -)

As a hamburger, I recommend a Kölsch gait: “MER LET US NEVER ASER!” : -)

Some want the quick number. The others make everything extremely complicated and you basically lack the ease.

As a 48 year old Man, separated, single again and unwillingly, I looked for my luck in northern Germany through this website.

At first I was downright delighted; high proportion of academics, apparently like me in word and style. Some of them immediately got involved in more detailed conversations over the phone, but seemed extremely moody and immature – and no matter how many merits and goods a woman can have. Another, who revealed and dubbed herself as a miracle woman, a self-adulation that I (t) e search in vain in the most intelligent and attractive women of my circle of acquaintances, was after a long correspondence, whereby the meetings were repeatedly postponed, the third time Where the meeting went off, done, the correspondence continued.

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